Bob Crumpacker on drums


Mike Bragg on rhythm/lead guitar and vocals


Rob Delf on Bass


Howard Taylor on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Critical Acclaim


"Disturbing" -  Director of the Oregon Youth Symphony


"What good is it if you can't sing along?" - Carolyn C.

Reflux is a band made up of four old rockers with dreams of rock and roll stardom. We've played together since '95 meeting once a week in a warehouse. We played out a couple of times, but we're not too good, nor ambitious, and too old to lug around equipment. We're a studio band. Mostly, we make up new songs on the fly. Lately, Bob's been recording our sessions on minidisc (with a single microphone) and later burning some of them onto cd's. I've converted a few of them here to mp3. Download a few if you dare.


Slug Killer

Telephone Love

It's Gonna Be All Right

Brain Fever

Bill The Dog

Crimes of Passion

Gotta Give a Little

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