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Site History

1 October '01 Jordan Miles The boy...
19 August '00 Put up pictures from our trip to Scotland for the family reunion.
15 july '00 I took another 4 months off, but now I'm at it again, at least for awhile anyway. I switched web hosts to ValueWeb and now have150 mb of web space to play with. I started out by putting up 7 mp3's from REFLUX. Other additions are the Guestbook and Start a Dialogue. Coming soon are Cruise pictures and more pictures of Maya and Dex.
4 march '00 Took 4 months off from updating the site. But, just put up Europe Pictures with sliding pictures and background collages of memorabilia.
13 october '99 Put up The Ten Commandments page. Dr. X sent over a new piece - Dr. X visits Dr. Rogers' neigborhood.
9 october '99 the quiet of a silent beeper on weekend call is golden. all is calm. nobody needs me. all is well.

I figured out "forms" which is the text boxes where you type in info and send it back to me. You can say a quick hello above if you'd like.

28 sept '99 I'm burnt. Too much work and not enough tennis. New Maya pictures to brighten the day.
19 sept '99 Jack is back by popular demand. I redid the home page using tables within tables to try to improve the consistency of the layout. I think it's working. It's still sunny and hot.
15 sept '99 I found space and put back up The Wedding Movie. I put up some new pictures of Deb and Dick and Maya. Jay beat me at tennis today 6-4, but my serve is improving.
14 Sept '99 We went to the beach. It was clear and toasty. I tried to surf. I enjoyed riding a few in on my belly. I put up bill's trailer for his film Personals.
5 September '99 Well. Here it is the beginning of september. Summer is still here and I'm sucking in all the sun I can get. The cherry tomatoes are turning ripe, one by one, and that's how I eat them. I've been stripping the deck this week and that has been a struggle. After burning a small hole in my epidermis things have improved though. Lisa is beginning her last semester. I'm looking forward to tutoring her in statistics. I redid the homepage design once again. Oh yeah, I got our domain name -
20 August '99 I put in the Fruit-Eze link. Please buy some fruit-eze (if you need it) so Jay can have more time to play his drums. Lisa's taking her algebra test.
27 July '99 I compressed Max and Dillon Come to Oregon - The Movie (1 MB) and Deb and Dick's Wedding Movie-Part 1 (3.4 MB) with Media Cleaner. I made the Max and Dillon movie last summer ('98). It was my first movie. You'll need the Quicktime 4.0 plug-in.
24 July '99 I took a month and a half off from working on the web page. I started back up by reorganizing the picture section and adding some summer picture pages including Deb and Dick's Wedding Pictures and Hawaii '99
3 June '99 I up-loaded my first quicktime movie: Maya's first Roll. (out of order for now)
18 may '99 I made my first animated gif with ImageReady - the Jumping Doughboy and girl.
15 may '99 After a 2 month hiatus, I'm back reworking the site a little. I had been experimenting with Adobe Imagestyler, coming up with fun stuff, but finding the results mostly overdone style-wise and bloated memory-wise. Now I'm focusing on rebuilding the site making it simple and lean. I'm using Imageready to compress the hell out of all the images. I plan to add on the fun stuff (better design, animation, audio, video) later.
28 march'99 With Go Live I made my first DHTML Animation
25 march'99 Adobe bought Go Live and I bought Adobe Go Live 4.0 for $399. It was bundled with Adobe Imagestyler (a page designer) and Imageready (a image compressor). The Manual for Go Live is 800 pages. Yahoo. I'm on my way.
5 feb '99  I downloaded the Go Live Cyberstudio 3.1. demo, a webpage layout application, and started using it to make pages. I used it to start up the Neurology World page. If I ever get the Neurology Site going half decent, I hope to get the drug companies to advertise on it. Did you know that drug companies now spend more on advertising then they do on drug development (see future page: Drug Companies Suck).
9 jan '99 I started my first pictire page, Family Photos. I put up the Kite Boy New Years card I never sent anyone.
26 dec '98 I added The Band page. 
5 dec '98 I added the Vail Condo Rental page. Call or write Deb or Dave and see what kind of deal you can get.  
9 dec '98 I added the Dr. X Page (Bob is Dr. X).
30 nov '98 Robyn, my sister the webmaster, told me about tables and basic layout so I redesigned the home page. 
26 nov '98 Using Netscape Composer and my faithful Mac, I made my first Home Page and then the The Placebo Gazebo page. The Gazebo was developed with Lisa and Jay at an after Thanksgiving discussion on how to get rich on the net. I see it as satire, but Jay wants to really sell stuff.
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