Placebos are all around us.  They effect us everyday.  Few understand their power. But, if YOU can understand them, you can use their power to improve your health and take control of your life.

What is a Placebo? Call it faith. Call it the mind fooling the mind. Whatever you call it, just call it. The Placebo Effect is the power of suggestion. Ingest an inert substance and just sit back and wait for your mind and body to respond.  When the desired effect occurs, Voila`--- The Placebo Effect. Thousands of scientific studies have shown that placebos have up to a 70% efficacy rate. 

In the past, placebos were only available to scientists for their studies.  Now, at, placebos are being made available directly to the public.  Don't miss out on these remarkable therapies. Because they're sold directly over the internet, they cost a fraction of other drugs.

Good for You and completely natural, placebos are the drug of the next millenium. The contents of our placebos are completely inert. They are made from natural products and are biodegradable. 

Placebos are completely safe and have no side effects (except for those that you want them to have). They have no active ingredients to cause you problems. Conventional medicines and alternative therapies often have unpleasant side effects.

Again, Our placebos are certified as being completely inert with no active ingredients, but yet they really work. They cost just a few dollars a day so buy now so you can begin a healthier, happier life.

Available Products

For Weight Loss 100 tablets take one three times a day $10
To Enhance Sexuality  100 suppositories one or two per rectum daily $15
Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder 50 cc spray bottle 2 hearty squirts intranasaly twice daily  $50
To Gain Weight 2 quarts of sprinkles (chocolate or vanilla) sprinkle on 2 cups lard
thrice daily with meals
Enhance Intelligence 30 skin patches  (clear or designer) apply to forehead daily $100
Decrease Fatigue ankle bracelet (available in sterling silver or gold) wear during the day only $75
Decrease Stress toe ring  wear on little toe; alternate sides weekly $50
Decrease Grouchiness cream - 30 cc tube rub onto ear lobes gently as needed $63.37

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Because these are placebos, actual responses may vary.

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